How Good do You Need to be to Come to Camp?  Every session we have campers who have never been snowboarding (although we highly recommend campers who have never been snowboarding to attend Soft Start™ Sessions 1-4). On the other end of the spectrum, there are always a few of our coaching groups with insanely talented riders that can give their coaches a run for their Cobra Dogs. Most campers fit somewhere ‘in the middle’.

About 80% Of Our Campers are in the Middle

The majority of our campers are low to intermediate level park riders who want to improve their overall jump, rail, and pipe riding. A lot of campers come to camp with little to no park experience, but want to learn to ride every feature in the park at their home resort. Many of our campers are working on straight airs, 50-50’s on jumps, and improving their overall parking riding skills. Some other campers are learning 360’s and board slides, and we even see some campers who are working on technical tricks; 540’s, 720’s, 900’s and some double corks (Sage Kotsenburg better watch out).

With approximately 30 different small coaching groups (8:1 Max Camper to Coach ratio), we aim to put campers in a group with other campers that are on the same level. Snowboarders of all abilitiy levels supporting each other, learning new stricks, and HAVING AN AWESOME TIME is what High Cascade Snowboard Camp is all about.

How Does it Work Having So Many Different Abilities?

Before you get to camp, you will fill out an ability form with questions regarding how long you’ve been riding, how frequently you ride, your background (if any) in the park, and which tricks (if any) you can land. We then look over everyone’s ability forms and place you into small coaching groups based on ability.