Grom™  |Campers ages 9-12

Our youngest group at camp needs a little more SuperVision™, structure and TLC than our campers ages 13 and up. For these up and comers, we have at least one designated Grom Cabin each session.  

How is camp different for Groms?

From making sure campers are showing daily, Making sure groms are eating more then just cereal for dinner, their gear is dry, and they have more than a chewy bar packed for lunch, our grom counselors provide that extra bit of attention to our youngest campers.

Cell phones are also kept with the counselors at bedtime. We’ve found that ‘lights out’ works best when Groms do not have their cell phones in bed with them. Texting and talking to parents during evening ‘down time’ when campers are tired can feed feelings of homesickness. In addition, cell phone usage can be very disruptive to other campers trying to sleep.


  • High Cascade provides 1:2 camper to staff ratio overall; that’s one well-trained adult for every two campers.

  • Our SuperVision™ ratio for campers under 15 years-old is one experienced adult counselor for every eight campers.

  • For campers over 15, there is one experienced counselor for every 10 campers.

  • Campers are supervised on-hill by their coach, in their coaching group of 8 or less. Campers are not permitted to leave our private on-hill facilities without being accompanied by a staff member.

  • All camp lodging, facilities, and activities are supervised.  Adult counselors live-in and provide around-the-clock supervision