GIving BAck

Why? With any amount of success, an organization and its people must recognize their role in society. High Cascade, as primarily a youth camp, has a great sense of responsibility to not only contribute to society today, but to inspire our campers and staff to do so in the future.

Everything we do as an organization, from the experience we provide our campers to our charitable efforts emanate from our mission of Life Improvement through Snowboarding and Skateboarding. Please take a moment to learn about how High Cascade gives back.


High Cascade has always sought partnerships or programs to nurture our mission of Life Improvement through Snowboarding and Skateboarding. Burton’s Chill program is the quintessential charitable organization focused on using snowboarding as a vehicle for improving lives. In 2007 Kevin English, High Cascade’s Executive Director, was honored in being asked to serve on Chill’s inaugural Advisory Board.

Founded in 1995 by Jake Burton, Chill is an intervention program for disadvantaged inner-city youth, ages 10 to 18. Chill teaches at-risk youth to snowboard over six weeks each winter, giving them everything they need for the experience: lift tickets, instruction, bus transportation and head-to-toe gear.

Since its inception, Chill has touched the lives of over 12,000 underprivileged youth. This winter Chill will serve over 2500 disadvantaged boys and girls in 14 North American cities and Sydney, Australia.

For more information or to get involved, please visit the Chill website


Since 1989, High Cascade has granted hundreds of donation requests in an effort to further our campers’ communities and organizations. Some recent organizations we are proud to work with include:

  • Mt. Hood Preschool Annual Fundraiser

  • United States of America Snowboard Association (USASA) Series throughout the nation

  • Shriners of North America

  • Sandy, OR High School

  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

  • Riding on Insulin

  • Mt. Hood Museum

  • Academy Snowboards Scholarship providing money and product for academic focused snowboarders.

  • Nearly $15,000 in scholarships annually to disadvantaged campers

  • Oregon Interscholastic Snowboarding Association (OISA)

Because the needs throughout the communities within North America are so great, we created some guidelines so we may assist as many organizations as possible. Due to limited donations, please review the following guidelines.


Organizations must be a 501c (3) non-profit organization – must include a copy of the I.R.S. Exemption Letter verifying tax exempt status or sufficient documentation verifying governmental entity or educational institution.  Organizations MUST BE WITHIN NORTH AMERICA to be considered.  Written donation requests must be received on organization letterhead with a brief description of the event AT LEAST 60 DAYS IN ADVANCE of the event date.


  • Monetary donations and sponsorship requests will not be considered.


High Cascade Snowboard Camp

59550 E HWY. 26 

SANDY OR, 97055

ATTN: Donations

* High Cascade reserves the right to handle each donation request on a case-by-case basis.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

High Cascade has a comprehensive recycling program and recycles all recyclable material including cardboard, plastic, bottles, cans, tin and glass.

All non-recyclable trash is disposed in secure dumpsters while our kitchen grease and vehicle oil is recycled. To reduce fuel consumption, High Cascade schedules and combines trips to reduce the number of miles driven while all of our camper vehicles are high capacity ranging from 7 to 40 passengers.

On-hill we utilize Salt Blowers which result in a 50% decrease of salt usage. Decreasing our electrical consumption, we encourage that all lighting and heating be turned off when a space is unoccupied.

Furthermore, we request from our landlords that our properties have high efficient compact florescent light bulbs installed which result in decreased energy consumption.


High Cascade’s primary facilities exceed the county’s landscaping requirements of 15% of the total acreage. Native trees, shrubs, and grasses are used in most applications.

Additionally, each Camp Session Arrival Day our entire staff beautifies and maintains our Village by picking up trash, placing trash cans throughout and sweeping the streets and sidewalks.