Our Mission

Guiding Principles:

We are proud of the fact that everything we do as a camp, as a business, as a community member, and as an employer is to improve the lives of those around us.  Snowboarding, skateboarding, photography, and all the other fun activities at High Cascade are simply vehicles for making lives better.  From making new friends to building self-esteem, learning something new, promoting responsibility, and discipline,

High Cascade’s mission is simple and honest:



With the written word it is difficult to capture the essence of an organization.  As such, below is a brief collection of words that we as owners and employees believe represent High Cascade:

♥  Relationship Based

♥  Nostalgic

♥  Refreshing

♥  Authentic

♥  Welcoming

♥  Uninhibited

♥  Genuine

♥  Fun

♥  Safe

♥  Professional

♥  Educational

♥  Credible

♥  Progressive

♥  Caring

♥  Socially Responsible

♥  Community Minded


Supporting our mission, our objective is to grow the sport of snowboarding.  Let’s get people out of the house, off the phone, get them physical, get them socializing, pushing themselves, experiencing new places, and most importantly, get them to have fun.  

Come ride with us.  It will change your life!