No problem! A lot of HCSC campers choose to stay for multiple Summer Sessions. Rest assured, we’ve got your camper covered! There is a short break between each summer session, but we don’t take a break from having FUN!

The "In-Betweens" (what we call the 1 day in-between sessions) are JAM PACKED full of fun. They are an additional $250 and this covers food, lodging, transportation, 24-hour SuperVision™, entertainment, and day trips to fun areas around Portland and the Northwest. During the In-Between, campers get to go adventuring around Oregon, which can include: Skate Tours at all the cool Portland Skate Parks, Hiking through gorgeous Oregon trails, exploring the coast, all the while still having time to do laundry (our in-between counselors can help) and get any personal items they may need from the store.

In-Between campers are supervised on campus, off campus, and overnight; a medic will be with them at all times as well!