HCSC Girl™ is our way to warmly welcome and encourage girls in a supportive snowboarding mini-all-girl-world within the friendly confines of a co-ed camp. Every session we offer optional all-girl activities, all-girl skate clinics, all-girl snowboard clinics, all-girl Signature Session™ activities, and sometimes the occasional girls only video premieres. Sure it’s fun to show off for the boys, but sometimes you need girl time to perfect your moves in a low pressure setting. Don’t worry, we don’t completely segregate you from the boys at camp….you can still hang with the boys if that’s your style.

With the help of our amazing female staff, be yourself, make new friends, and learn sweet new tricks.

  • Have a feature in our snowboard park all to yourselves after lunch and chill with some of our female coaches and Signature Session™ Pro ladies for an all-girl box, rail, or jump clinic.

  • Once a session we reserve our entire bowl area for the female campers and staff to take over and learn how to skateboard. If you’ve always wanted to try to skateboard; there isn’t a more perfect opportunity! If you already skateboard, the all girls sessions provides you space in a low-pressure mellow environment.

Girls skate is by far my favorite part of each session! The bowls are basically empty and the vibe is super positive.

–Skate Monitor Laura

  • Many of our sponsors have specially designed activities for girls only… do a friend’s make-up blindfolded to win a snowboard!

  • Have the foam pit and/or trampolines all to yourselves once a session and get those cork 3’s on lock.

  • Join coaches Terri and Sandra for an all girls activity and score some sweet product.

  • Turn that ratty old t-shirt into a super hip tank during the clothing modification activity.

  • Hang out with the lady Signature Session™ pros of the session during an all-girl activity after snowboarding.