HCSC 2018: Session 3 Recap

Session 3 held nothing but bluebird skies and beach weather for our campers and guests. Signature Session™️ Pros Ben Ferguson and Pat Moore stopped by for the week to rip up everything our parks had to offer and teach our campers a lesson in style. The Ladies and Gentlemen brave enough to compete in Airblaster’s SKOLF snowboarding challenge put on quite the show. Everyone was pulling maneuvers far outside their comfort zone. We’re now half way through the summer, but to us it feels like we’re just getting started! Keep your eyes peeled for what’s in store for Session 4!

Featuring : Gabe Ferguson, Green Bean, Ari Morrone, Al Grogan, Sean Neary, Brandon Kirkland, Alex Caccamo, Liam Doyle, Red Gerard, and Ben Ferguson

Filmed by : Brent McCarron, Tyler Orton, Jacob Howell, Miles Perreault, and Kyle Murray

Edited by : Brent McCarron

Jason Arens