We Know It’s Snowboard Camp, But Half The Fun Is Off-Hill!

After 5 straight hours of mind-melting fun on the glacier, recharge your batteries before you get the party going again with a Grizzly Grilled Cheese™ or an Otter Pop. After a few minutes of R&R, head back out for some awesome activities with your friends, Signature Session™ Pros, coaches and counselors.


Trampolines and Foam Pit Airbag

Dial your tricks here before trying them on snow. Learn a new spin, flip, or anything in between on our new indoor 14' x 14' Supertramp or decide to perfect your tricks on one of our many MAXair trampolines Olympic trampoline. Take Scott Stevens and Jesse Burtner on for a game of skate on one of our trampolines from Springfree. We love them and think that you probably will too.


Mountain biking

Go mountain biking on our new jump track and jumps or decide to ride some trails on campus. You can even go on a trip across the street to Sandy ridge or little further to Ski Bowl and Post Canyon on your days off activities.

Bring your own or demo one of our awesome demo bike.


Rock climbing

After riding you can unwind by bouldering and climbing in on our new indoor climbing wall. If you're feeling adventurous you might even be able to go climbing around Oregon with one of our climbing guides.



We would be lying if we said this wasn’t our favorite activity. Join epic battles of human vs. human in our NEW dodgeball arena on our NEW 28-acre campus. Imagine a white sand beach, 10 dodgeballs, 50 against 50, music, announcing, product tosses and spectators… Our dodgeball is legit.


Signature Session™ Activities

From on-hill down bar sessions with Tommy Gesme, to off-hill games of knockout with Ben Bilodeau, to headstand contests with Anna Gasser… You can spend your session hanging with your favorite pros and friends while having the most fun you’ve had all year. Best part is, they always have tons of goodies to give away when you’re hanging with them.

Want to see which Signature Session™ Pros will be at your session? Click Here!


The Staff Sale™

Once a session High Cascade’s staff and visiting pros sell their new and used gear at the legendary Staff Sale™. Like a snowboard flea market – deals of the century can be found on boards, boots, bindings, beanies, outerwear, and stickers. Get the new products before the rest of the world has even seen it!


The Big Giveaway™

Thanks to our Authorized Awesome™ sponsors, we’re able to giveaway tons of prizes throughout the entire session. No matter how hard we try, we’re always left with tons of great products on the last day. Solution: The Big Giveaway. Boards, boots, bindings, backpacks, goggles, clothing, shoes, stickers, and the list goes on and on. The raffle to end all raffles.


The Campa AM™

A long-standing High Cascade tradition, this fun-filled camper skateboard contest is one part contest and two parts comedy. Spend your afternoon showing off your moves, or sit back and take part in the greatest contest to hit Mt. Hood.


The Talent Show™

Every humanoid that comes to our camp is talented in one way or another. Whether you’re a guitar hero, the worlds best yo-yo’er, the next Justin Bieber or can make the loudest fart noises with your arm pits, this is your night to show the world your special skills. One night a session High Cascade turns into a circus and campers from all over the world showcase their famous feats and spectacular spectacles.


So So So Much More!

If we could fit all of the activities on this web page we'd eat up your data plan. In the best 8-days of your life you will get to go, do, play, make, etc.:

  • Swim at Lake Trillium

  • Waterfall Hikes – ever seen a river drop of a huge cliff?

  • Ping Pong

  • Foosball

  • Billiards with pool guppies

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Soccer

  • Basketball

  • M.U.F.F – it’s like H.O.R.S.E, but with a soccer ball (European H.O.R.S.E)

  • Shoe Golf

  • Yoga


Activity Day


Halfway through the session is a good time to spend the day off the mountain to recharge those little legs of yours. If you want a break from snowboarding for the day, here’s a chance to join the counselors in once in a lifetime activities and adventures. (It’s kind of like *field trips, but like fourteen times more fun).

*These ‘Field Trips’ ARE INCLUDED in your camp fees!*

Choose From These Activities:

*Exact activities obviously subject to change (our lawyer, who snowboards made us write this. . . and she can do a mean pow slash!).