A Day in the Life IN The Weekend Program



those who signed up for the transportation option meet on the kitchen deck to hop in a van up to the mountain we are riding at

8:30 meet in the day lodge

Everyone meets up with coaches in the day lodge at the mountain we are riding at to boot up

8:45 Stretch & Warm Up Laps

All groups head outside to do a group active warm-up followed by a few warm-up laps

9:15 freeride training

Have fun snowboarding all over the mountain: build your freeride skills as well as your freestyle skills outside of the park

11:00 lunch

get some fuel in your stomach to re-energize for more fun on hill

12:00 head to the park

take the skills you have been working on all day into the park

2:00 Head down to Campus

Get your boots off and get a quick break as you head down the hill

3:00 campus training

lock-in your tricks on the trampoline, airbag, or dry slope

4:00 Parent pickup

Parents and coaches wrap-up on how the day went, coaches are available for scheduled meetings with parents