It’s not easy to wrap all the aspects of camp into one, giant moving picture burrito, but we’ve done it with the newest HCSC mini-movie, “This is High Cascade.” Learn how we put our mission of “life improvement through snowboarding and skateboarding,” into action. Since 1989, HCSC has been helping to grow the sport of snowboarding, getting people outdoors, socializing, pushing themselves to new levels, learning new things about themselves, and most importantly having fun on Mount Hood! Fore more information on High Cascade, visit our home page, or call us at our home in Oregon at 503.206.8520.

Don’t have time to watch all twenty-four minutes of greatness? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.
Feel free to skip around throughout all 12 Chapters, all of the times are listed below.

Chapter 1: This is Mount Hood – 1:19
Chapter 2: Our Staff – 1:50
Chapter 3: Coaching – 3:24
Chapter 4: Lap Park – 5:40
Chapter 5: Main Park – 6:38
Chapter 6: Halfpipes – 7:52
Chapter 7: Government Camp – 9:16
Chapter 8: Lodging – 12:01
Chapter 9: Activity Day – 15:13
Chapter 10: Adult Camp – 16:38
Chapter 11: Photo Workshop – 18:53
Chapter 12: The End/Snowboarding! – 21:15

Edited By: RJ McNichols
Filmed By: RJ McNichols, Colton Morgan, Eli Olson, Matt Roberge, Jon Stark, Derek Combs, Mia Lambson, and Jeremy “Big Jerm” Thornburg.