Teen” Weekend Snowboard Team

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This is a goal based program that allows snowboarders to push themselves toward a personal season long goal. Whether their goal is associated with competition, putting out a season edit, or getting accepted into a collegiate program, snowboarders will be given the structured support and tools to work toward their goals. 

Program Focus:

Ages 13-18

This program is park and pipe focused and spends 50-70% of their time in the park based on age group and skill level.

Training Schedule/Start Dates:

Full Weekend Program- Saturdays and Sundays January 4th to March 22nd

Once a Week Program- Sundays or Sundays Only January 4th to March 22nd

Minimum Skill Level:  

Snowboarders must be able to consistently link turns without stopping on an advanced blue run. Snowboarders should also have some level of prior park experience including sliding small boxes and clearing small jumps.


Competition is based on skill level measured by the skill card system. For snowboarders at the appropriate skill level coaching support is available at contests ranging from Local USASA events and USASA Nationals to elite level events supported in conjunction with our Academy. 


Snowboarders will need a Fusion Pass to participate in this program.


Full Weekend Program- $1450

Once A Week Program- $850

Call us at 503.206.8520 or email us at office@wearecamp.com if you have any questions.