High Cascade Snowboard Camp and legendary professional snowboard photographer Andy Wright are proud to present our Photo Workshop in association with the distinguished Brooks Institute of Photography.

SESSION 4 : July 16 - 23, 2019

This one of a kind workshop is the only one in the world designed to give you actual hands-on instruction by some of snowboarding’s top shooters. It’s held on Mt. Hood, one of the most photographed snowboarding locations in the world. The industry’s best riders spend time on this mountain at some point in the summer, and they will be your subjects as you learn and perfect your skills.


  • Choosing appropriate camera and accessory gear for shooting in the snow

  • Composition, exposure and angle selection

  • Digital workflow – including file naming, storage as well as post production techniques

  • Networking with riders, magazines as well as potential clients (it’s all who you know…)

  • The business side of being a self employed photographer


  • Classroom lectures morning and evenings

  • On-hill action shooting with quality talent in a world-class terrain park

  • Slideshow presentations followed by Q&A with each instructor as well as some special guests

  • Daily critique of your work

The cost of the workshop includes meals, lodging, and snowboard demo gear. You will need to provide your own camera and camera gear, a basic backpack for transport to/from the mountain, and a laptop computer.


Andy Wright:

A senior photographer at Transworld Snowboarding Magazine for over a decade as well as staff shooter for Nike snowboarding. Andy has been the most published photographer in the snowboard industry since they started keeping track of those stats. Most recently he won The Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown in Whistler BC.

Tim Zimmerman:

The staff photographer for Lib Tech and Gnu snowboard teams for over a decade, Tim Zimmerman has worked extensively with some of the sports biggest legends including Travis Rice, Jamie Lynn and Danny Kass to name a few. With 17 career covers, his photos are seen in abundance around the world. In 2009 he was recognized by the Transworld Business Exposure Meter as the most published photographer in snowboarding for that season.

Chris Wellhausen:

The photo editor for Transworld Snowboarding Magazine, where he has a working relationship with nearly every one of the world’s professional snowboarding photographers. Although the desk duties keep him busy, he’s still happiest behind the lens in the field capturing images. In the 15 years Chris has been shooting he has held positions with snowboarding brands as their staff photographer, he was a photo assistant at The Snowboard Journal and he ran the photo department at a snowboarding camp.

“The High Cascade Photo Workshop is set up to teach any interested person the way to capture snowboarding photos like the ones seen in the magazines. While our focus is on capturing the action, we also cover all aspects of what it takes to be a professional in this field, including digital workflow, preparing photo submissions and communicating with clients as well as riders. There’s also plenty of advanced shoot techniques and secrets revealed, including a flash photography seminar during the evening sunset shoot on Mt. Hood. There’s a lot of ground covered in the workshop and most of it can be applied to other types of shooting, not just snowboarding.” – Andy Wright

                                                                                               All Digital:


The HCSC Photo Workshop is ALL DIGITAL. Only DSLR cameras are accepted. No compact digital cameras and no film. You will also need to bring a laptop computer. Our instructors are here to teach you the ways of the modern snowboarding photography world and these items are all a starting point for your photography career.





As a Photo Workshop Student, you will be given the rare opportunity to have your very own EXCLUSIVE night shoot in High Cascade’s private park. With Signature Session™ pros and their friends in front of the camera, you’ll experiment with strobe flashes (demo kits provided) with Mt. Hood’s surreal crimson and violet sunset as your backdrop.



Q. I don’t have an incident meter. Should I come to the camp any way?

A. We recommend that if you want to be professional you should own an incident meter. However, it is not required. We will also teach you exposure techniques that do not require an incident meter.

Q. Do I really need to bring a laptop?

A. You are not required to bring your own laptop, but if you have one you will find that our instructors will be able to provide tips that you can implement in your computer immediately. Like a mechanic, it is best to use your own tools. Shared desktops will be available to those without laptops.

Q. Do I need a tripod?

A. It is not required to bring a tripod but some experiments may require the use of a tripod and you may miss out on that exercise.

Q. I am not a great snowboarder, will that ruin my Workshop experience?

A. You don’t need to be an awesome boarder, but since your board will be your means of transportation on the snow, you should be able to comfortably and confidently snowboard with your snowboard gear.  Give us a call if you’re still questioning your ability or maybe attend Session 5 snowboard camp for some help getting more comfy on your board.

Q. Do I need an 80 to 200 zoom for the workshop?

A. We only make a recommendation that you have this lens. Great images start in the imagination and having one lens is all you need to start.

Q. Is a digital camera necessary?

A. Yes. Dating back to 2007, we moved the Photo Workshop to an all digital format. Digital SLR’s became widely accepted in the photography world and are now the standard for commercial work.


Q. Where will we be shooting most of our snowboarding photos?

A. We will be shooting at Timberline Resort, located on beautiful Mt. Hood. We will drive you to the hill each day, to photograph pros and the up and comers on High Cascade’s private jumps, pipes and rails. You will also have the opportunity for a private night shoot. You’ll experiment with strobe flash photography while shooting to the backdrop of an unparalleled Mt. Hood sunset.

Q. Who will we be shooting?

A. The Photo Workshop goes on during Session 4 when the US Snowboard Team is training in our Private Parks. You will have the opportunity to shoot some of the best pros and Olympic snowboarders. In addition, there will be many of our stacked summer staff, and visiting guest pros. This is an incredibly valuable opportunity to understand how to work with professional riders.

Q. Who are the HCSC Photography Workshop instructors?

A. The best in the snowboarding industry!! Legendary snowboard photographer Andy Wright will be hosting the workshop with assistance from renowned guest instructors such as TransWorld Snowboarding’s photo editor Chris Wellhausen and editor Nick Hamilton, along with photographers Christy Chaloux, Tim Zimmerman and others plus teaching assistants from the acclaimed Brooks Institute of Photography.

Q. What percentage of my time is on-snow as opposed to classroom sessions?

A. We will split your days into covering both of these learning environments. In general your days are spent shooting on the mountain and your evenings are in a classroom style setting attending photography lectures, slide review and critique. The Brooks Institute of Photography has been fundamental in assisting with devising the curriculum for this course.

Q. Will I be stoked on this course?

A. If you want to be a better snowboard photographer; YES!