ParkS & PipeS

We are snowboarders, so every single aspect of our private park is built entirely for snowboarders: from the shapes of our jumps, to the way we set our rails, HCSC is built for snowboarders like YOU.  Our park is maintained by our crew of Diggers and crafted to help you learn, have fun, and if need be: to learn how to have fun!


Our Main Park™ includes:

  • Jumps – small bumps to medium jumps, and large step-overs.

  • Rails & Boxes – simple rails and boxes, kinks, close-outs, ledges.

  • 1/4 Pipes, Hips & Transition features for all ages and abilities

  • Super Pipe – 22 ft. Olympic Sized Superpipe (summer pipe for the U.S. Snowboarding Team)

  • Mini Pipe – 12 ft. Mini Pipe (home of the Bode Merrill Mini Pipe Invitational . . . the funnest pipe you’ve ever ridden!)

  • 45′ x 45′ BagJump™

  • 22′ x 22′ MicroBag

  • 2 Private Rope Tows

  • 2 High-Speed Express Quads

  • 2+ miles of Ride-able Terrain


Our continuously evolving Main Park™ has set the stage for snowboarding’s progression for 25 years.

More tricks have been learned, invented and enjoyed on this stretch of snow than any other on Earth.  From Peter Line’s back rodeos to Bode Merrill’s back 7 one-footers, the Main Park™ is home to legendary tricks and people.  Although you can lap the Main Park™ on the high-speed quad too – most choose to ride our two private rope-tows, and some folks even like to hike specific features.  No matter how you choose get up the hill, you’re gonna have a blast on the way down.


It’s Super. It’s a Pipe. It’s a Superpipe!

The HCSC Superpipe is the only pipe of it’s size (Olympic 22 ft.) and quality anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere during the months of June & July. Olympic teams from all over the world come to ride in our park every summer.  And this beast doesn’t just run for a couple weeks, it lasts all summer long!

Summer home to the U.S. Snowboarding Team, HCSC’s Superpipe was also ridden by the Canadian, French, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, South Korean, and Australian national teams as they prepared for the 2014 and 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia and Pyeongchang, South Korea .  But don’t be intimidated, these Olympians are always more than happy to help get you to the lip of the pipe or take a bite off your sandwich!



Halfpipes aren’t just for X-Games superstars and Olympic Medalists. . . that why we have "The People’s Pipe”, built for everyone else.  Our Mini Pipe is 16ft tall, soft, and seems to have a spell cast on it helping you land any trick you try.  No matter who you are, cruise in HCSC’s Mini Pipe and have a blast.  Slashes, methods, handplants, old school grabs . . . do whatever you like.  It’s easy and it’s fun.

It’s also where pro boarder man Bode Merrill has his Merrill Mini Pipe Invitational (MMPI) for other pro boarders who are NOT pipe jocks.  Each summer the world’s best non-pipe pros come to HCSC to ride in the MMPI and take pipe riding (not) seriously.


It’s like jumping into a giant Marshmallow!

Not just for backflips and triple corks, HCSC’s BAGJUMP™ is perfect for getting the feeling of being in the air without the consequences of a hard landing.  Because our 50’x50′ BAGJUMP™ is so soft and absorbs so much energy, you’ll gain confidence in your air-awareness (thanks Craig Kelly) which you can quickly take to real jumps on the next run.  Jump into it > watch others > get coached > do it again.  That’s how you learn.

And you know what?  It’s just plain fun to ride!


Bag some air on our snowboard jumps.

Between the nearly 15 jumps throughout our parks, you can learn your first grab on a five-foot table top jump, or watch Signature Session™ pro's float double cork  on the 70 ft "Big Jump" (you can too with a couple summers at HCSC!).  No matter what level you’re at, there’s a jump with your name all over it.

Whether you’re working on grabs, spins, or just styling out a trick you learned on FDOH (first day on-hill), there’s a shaped jump for you.  And unlike any other snowboard park, our jumps are hand raked 2-3 times each day by our crew of Diggers to make sure they ride as well at the end of the day as they did when the sun came up.




The secret to getting better at anything is having fun and doing it over and over again.

Your great grandpa who rode HCSC in the 1990’s will think you’ve got it easy nowadays with our two private rope tows.  “Back in my day we had to hike for every bit of airtime . . . . and we liked it!”  Or did he ever tell you that he had to walk in the snow, up-hill, 2 miles both ways to and from school?  Well, ask any camper from before 2008 and they’ll tell you the same thing about riding in our park.  We used to hike everything.

That was then; today all you have to do is grab a handle and don’t let go until you get to the top; buckle your back binder and then shred the jumps, rails, and pipes over and over . It’s easy, makes the park more fun, and saves time, letting you ride the park as many times as you have energy for.  Now that’s how you get better at snowboarding!