Parent info

Dear Parents,

With 30 years under our belt, High Cascade Snowboard Camp has been on the forefront of innovation in coaching techniques and snowboard park design. Our mission is ‘life improvement through people, place and passion’ and we promise our campers “The best 8 days of your life.”

Many parents ask me, “What makes your camp different?” While I know the list is long, your time as a parent is precious, so let me list a few of my favorites:

  1. 100% Real Snow all Summer LongWe have never EVER had to cancel a session thanks to Mt. Hood’s unmatched snowfalls.

  2. Lowest Priced 8-day Snowboard Camp$2,299 for all inclusive camp – Plus we offer payment plans and have the most lenient cancellation policy in the industry.

  3. All Abilities are WelcomeWhether you are an Adult or a Grom, spinning 5’s or perfecting toe-side turns, we have the perfect coaching group for your camper’s needs.

  4. High Cascade Snowboard Camp is All-InclusiveArrive at PDX airport and we take care of the rest.

  5. Friendly StaffAll staff is CPR and First Aid certified and must pass stringent pre-employment background and drug screening.

  6. Full-time registered Nurse and several full time EMTs

Choosing a summer camp is a big decision, so I encourage you to call or e-mail me. I’m sure you have lots of questions, and I would love the opportunity to speak with you. I would also encourage you to explore our website, especially the parent specific tabs below.

If you would like to contact a parent who has sent their child to High Cascade, we have a list of parents from all over the country on our website; just click the “Parent References” tab below.

The more information you gather about High Cascade, the more likely you’ll become enthused about sending your child to our camp.  I hope to get the opportunity to tell you why I love this place.

Yours Truly,


Gregg Janecky
High Cascade Camp Director

P: 503.206.8520


The Big 6

In order to be the amazing place that HCSC is, we rely on a set of very basic, yet very important rules. We lovingly refer to these six rules as The Big 6™. These rules are imperative to the safety and well being of your child, as well as other campers at camp.


"My son came back absolutely raving over HCSC. He said he has never had more fun in his life and seemed to really bond with his counselors and coaches. The staff, along with the quality of the snow and the park was his topic of conversation first and foremost. I believe he learned a lot about the sport from these guys along with many of the kids in his chalet. He had an exceptionally wonderful experience."

Julianne Dawkins - Yucaipa, CA

”Sending my son to HCSC has been a wonderful experience. He has grown in his snowboarding and in his independence. The friendships, the mentors -- all of it, priceless!”

Amy Navin - North Grafton, MA

"We were totally blown away by your camp, from the facilities, to the organization of daily events & activities, to the staff. All aspects of your camp & organization as a whole were second to none, and run very well. We are very grateful for the way our daughter was treated, and the valuable life lessons she learned, and we will DEFINITELY be back in the future. Thank you for giving our daughter the experience of a lifetime! "

Jeremy Taylor - Grand Rapids, MI

HCSC Fun Facts:

Staff Return Rate:

Annually, over 80% of our staff are return employees! Consistency = a knowledgeable, professional staff ready to show campers the time of their lives!

HCSC’s Mission:

Life Improvement through Snowboarding and Skateboarding.

Operational Goals:

Fun, Safe, Professional & Educational

Authorized Awesome?


What makes High Cascade Snowboard Camp so Awesome?

We know that you have many choices when it comes to summer camps so we want you to know what sets High Cascade Snowboard Camp apart from the rest . . .

Our People

When you are in the human experience business, your people are what make the difference and that could not be more true than at High Cascade Snowboard Camp.  We have hundreds of applicants each year, selecting only small percentage to work for us.  Then we train them better, pay them better, reward them and rest them better than any of our competitors.  People are a point of pride for High Cascade.


Most other camps are only 7-days.  We figure that if you’re going to get on a plane or jump in the car to get to Mt. Hood, you might as well stay awhile and get the most of your time and money.  Don’t go home just when you are starting really progress on your snowboard and having fun.  Stay 8-days at High Cascade . . . the best 8-days of your life!

Real snow in June and july!

We have never cancelled a session due to lack of snow. EVER.

The Biggest Snowboard Parks

It’s not so much that we have the most jumps, rails, freeride terrain and North America’s only 22′ Superpipe for snowboarders, it’s that they’re purpose-built for snowboarding and snowboard coaching (which means your rapid, safe progression).

All Mountain Summertime Riding

Mt. Hood is the only mountain in North America where you can freeride on over two miles of groomed trails in the summertime.  And Timberline’s two high-speed express quads making getting back to the top quick and easy.

Everything is included

We don’t tack on extra fees for airport transportation, food, or activities.  Simple and straight forward.

Camper Packing List:

Summer in Oregon is usually very sunny, dry, and warm. There can, however, be unexpected weather conditions at times. To make the most of your camp experience, we encourage you to be prepared, and to bring a variety of clothing for warm and cold weather. Packing lists are the same for both Day and Overnight campers (except for toiletries and bedding).

Youth Campers:

- Snowboard

- Snowboard boots

- Snow jacket/pants

- Gloves

- Goggles

- Sunglasses 

- Helmet for snow/skate (Mandatory)

- Lightweight jacket

- Sunscreen and lip balm (SPF 30+) Face mask (neck tube, bandana, ect.)

- Several pairs of socks

- Sweatshirts, long and short sleeve shirts

- Sweats, long pants

- Bathing suit

- Skateboard

- Day pack to carry lunch, water, and extra clothing

- Water bottle

- Sleeping bag, pillow, and single fitted sheet

- Toiletries and towel

- Cell phone

- Go pro, Cell phone camera, Disposable camera, or other way to capture all the good times at camp to share with your friends and family!

- Spending cash (or preloaded camp store account) for snacks and camp swag

Adult Campers:

Same as youth campers, but also make sure to bring your ID and some extra spending cash for nights on the town!


Questions, concerns, or just want to talk to another parent?

Please explore the map to read parent quotes and get references from all over the world.  These are experienced HCSC parents who know the drill so if you have more detailed questions, feel free to email them (just send us a note so we can put you in touch:

Nobody understands your concerns more than these parents . . . and we hope that by this time next year, YOU will be a parent reference too!



  •     High Cascade provides 1:2 camper to staff ratio overall; that’s one well-trained adult for every two campers.
  •     Our SuperVision™ ratio for campers under 15 years-old is one experienced adult counselor for every eight campers.
  •     For campers over 15, there is one experienced counselor for every 10 campers.
  •     Campers are supervised on-hill by their coach, in their coaching group of 8 or less. Campers are not permitted to leave our private on-hill facilities without being accompanied by a staff member.
  •     All camp lodging, facilities, and activities are supervised.  Adult counselors live-in and provide around-the-clock supervision in all Chalets and The Lodge.  When a Chalet is unlocked and campers are permitted inside, then a counselor will be in the house.

Grom™ Campers (ages 9-12)

Our youngest group at camp needs a little more SuperVision™, structure and TLC than our campers ages 13 and up. For these up and comers, we have at least one designated Grom Chalet each session.  Each Grom is accompanied by a counselor when traveling between an activity or facility at High Cascade.  Picture mother duck with her ducklings . . . everywhere they go!

How is camp different for Groms?

Groms are not permitted to freely move from one camp activity or area to another without the direct escort of a staff member. In other words, if a Grom is skateboarding and wants to run over to the Govy General store (about 50 grom steps from the skate street course and about 100 grom steps from the skate bowls) then he or she will be escorted by a staff member.

Cell phones are kept with the counselors at bedtime. We’ve found that ‘lights out’ works best when Groms do not have their cell phones in bed with them. Texting and talking to parents during evening ‘down time’ when campers are tired can feed feelings of homesickness. In addition, cell phone usage can be very disruptive to other campers trying to sleep.



If you’re injured, you can’t snowboard.  With that in mind, safety in all aspects of our camp is fundamental to HCSC’s 25 years of operating snowboard camps.


Each year the managers at High Cascade have hundreds of applicants to choose from when building their “perfect team”. All staff must pass stringent pre-employment background and drug screenings. When we say “all staff”, we mean everyone; from the cook preparing your child’s food, to the Executive Director. Once hired, all staff members must become CPR and First Aid certified and go through extensive staff training prior to the start of Camp. All staff are drug tested prior to camp starting with random drug testing throughout the summer. High Cascade is proud to boast over an 80% return rate for staff members.


While injuries are inevitable in action sports and camp activites, our camp rules, protocols, and staff exist to enforce safety and mitigate injuries.  The percent of injuries which occur at camp is less than that the national average at ski areas in North America.  This is largely due to our coaching group structure. Campers spend their time in small coaching groups which are matched with their respective ability level.  All campers fill out a snowboard ability form before arriving to camp.  The information provided in the ability form is used to place campers into small coaching groups based on ability.  High Cascade coaches are prepared to coach their respective coaching groups’ ability level, as well as ensure campers are not attempting tricks and features beyone their ability.  As a parent, it is important that you do your best to help your child honestly fill out their abiltiy form to the best of your ability. In addition, campers are not let loose on Mt. Hood without supervision.

Since kids often tune out lectures on safety, we like to tell them that if they get hurt they can’t snowboard anymore.  This line, repeated daily by our coaches, usually gets the young campers’ attention!


High Cascade employs a full-time Registered Nurse who is on-call 24 hours a day. In the event of an injury, High Cascade’s nurse will assess the situation and determine if outside care may be needed. In addition, we staff several full-time EMTs (emergency medical technicians) and utilize Timberline Ski Area’s Ski Patrol for on-snow injuries.  In the event a camper must be transported to a medical facility, you will be notified as soon as practicable.

Camp Nurse

    RN Greg Kerwin
    HCSC Staff Member Since 2003
    Hometown: Marquette, MI
    RN since 1986
    Certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Advanced Pediatric Life Support
    Ski Patroller, named Ski Patroller of the Year for the State of Michigan in 2005
    Parent of two snowboarders


All campers and staff are encouraged to wear helmets.  Campers under the age of 18 are required to wear helmets when snowboarding. All skateboarders, REGARDLESS OF AGE, are required to wear helmets when skateboarding.



No problem! A lot of HCSC campers choose to stay for multiple Summer Sessions. Rest assured, we’ve got your camper covered! There is a short break between each summer session, but we don’t take a break from having FUN!

The In-Betweens (what we call the 2 days in-between sessions) are PACKED full of fun. They are an additional $200 and this covers food, lodging, transportation, 24 hour supervision, entertainment, and day trips to fun areas around Portland and the Northwest. During the In-Between, campers get to go adventuring around Oregon, which can include: Skate Tours at all the cool Portland Skate Parks, Hiking through gorgeous Oregon trails, Exploring a lot, Trips to the coast, all the while still having time to do laundry (our in-between counselors can help) and get any personal items they may need from the store.

In-Between campers are supervised on campus, off campus, and overnight and a medic will be with them at all times as well!



Payment Terms

A deposit equal to 25% of total purchase is due at the time of registration. Payment must be received in full by May 15. Any registrations made after this date must be paid in full at the time of sale with a VISA or MASTERCARD. Sorry we do not accept AMEX or Discover.

Payment Plans

Paying for camp shouldn’t be a burden, so we’re offering easy payment plans to let you pay for camp in installments. Want Grandma and Grandpa to pitch in for camp? Easy – let them cover one of the installments. Start your payments in the fall or winter and have camp paid off by Spring!

  • Setup monthly payment plans – taken out on the 15th of every month

  • Auto deductions from your checking account

  • Standard 25% deposit due at time of registration

Cancellation Policy

We are proud to offer the most lenient cancellation policy in the industry. Snowboarding is awesome, but sometimes life gets in the way and we don’t want to punish you for that. If you need to cancel your session please call 503.206.8520 to discuss your options, however a formal cancellation request must be made by email following the instructions below.

Cancel prior to 30 days before the start of your camp and receive a refund less a cancellation fee of 50% of the deposit up to $250 per session OR receive a full camp credit, good for two years and non-transferable.

Cancel within 30 days of the start of your camp and receive a refund less a cancellation fee of your deposit up to $500 per session OR Receive a camp credit less 50% of the deposit up to $250 per session, good for 2 years and non-transferable.

Cancel within 10 days of the start of your camp for any reason and receive a camp credit less a cancellation fee of your deposit up to $500 per session, good for 2 years and non-transferable.

Please keep in mind there are NO exceptions to the above cancellation policies (even in the extreme cases of emergency, injury or sickness). Your registration constitutes acceptance of this Cancellation Policy. High Cascade strongly recommends that you purchase travel insurance to protect yourself from any such loss.

Cancellation Request Process

All cancellation requests must be emailed to and include:

  • Name

  • Session to Cancel

  • Chosen Cancellation Option (camp credit or refund less cancellation fee)

  • Reason for cancellation

The date the email is sent notes the official cancellation date. One a credit is chosen, there will be no refunds issued at a later date. Camp credits are good for any High Cascade summer camp within a 2 year period, but are non transferable.

Session Transfer Fee

In the event you would like to switch your session, please or call 503.206.8520. Session transfers can be accommodated free of charge if space permits, and as long as it is at least 30 days from the start of your original session start date. Session change requests within 30 days of the start of your original session start date may be subject to a $250 late notice session transfer fee.

Injuries While at Camp

In the event that a camper is injured while at camp and does not get clearance from the Camp Nurse or physician to snowboard, there are two options for the camper:

1. Stay at camp and partake in an ‘off-hill’ activity while everyone else snowboards. In the afternoon and evening there are plenty of non-physical activities to keep an injured camper entertained. If you choose this option, no credits or refunds will be given.

2. Leave camp ASAP, and receive a pro-rated camp credit for days missed. You’ll be missed but we’ll get to ride with you again soon as Camp Credits are good for two years but are non-transferable.

Please keep in mind there are NO exceptions to the above cancellation policies (even in the extreme cases of emergency, injury or sickness).  High Cascade strongly recommends that you purchase travel insurance to protect yourself from any such losses as well as lost airfare and transportation fees.  Please contact Assurance Solutions at 502-762-9185 or your preferred provider for insurance information.


Flights Must Arrive and Depart PDX Between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Please book a flight into the Portland International Airport (PDX) on the first day of your session between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.  Please book your departure flight out of PDX between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on the last day of your session. There is no snowboarding on the first or last days; they are designated travel days. Any flights on arrival day or departure day that are not between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. will be charged $100-$175 per camper, per trip, depending on the time of the flight. There is a 30 minute grace period for this window, i.e; if your flight is scheduled to depart at 7:30 a.m. we will not charge a fee. Please contact us directly if you are unable to book a flight in our requested window and we will discuss your flight options and pick-up/drop-off fees.

Campers Flying as Unaccompanied Minors (UM)

Each airline has different age requirements and additional fees for flying unaccompanied minors.   Campers flying under the status of an UM will be met at their gate by a High Cascade staff member upon their arrival at PDX.

Name of the Person Picking up UMs at PDX: If at all possible, when the airline asks for the name of the person picking up your UM, please give the airline ‘A HCSC Representative’ and our phone number 503.206.8520. If they will not accept this, please give them ‘Jessica Albrey/any other HCSC Representative’ in place. If they need an address, it is 30493 E. Blossom Trail, Government Camp, OR 97028.

Youth and Adult Campers NOT Flying as Unaccompanied Minors (UM)

All campers not flying as UMs will be met outside the security gate by a High Cascade staff member and will be assisted with their baggage and checked in for their High Cascade shuttle at baggage claim #2. If a camper cannot locate a HCSC representative they should go to an airport paging telephone and page “A HIGH CASCADE CAMP REPRESENTATIVE” to wherever the camper is standing. They can also call the High Cascade office at 503.206.8520

Please know that although each airline has specific age requirements for flying unaccompanied minors, you can still fly your child, regardless of their age, as an UM (with applicable fees).  In addition to the added airline assistance, this also ensures you that your child will be met by a High Cascade staff member at his or her gate.  Example:  If your 13-year-old child is flying on United, (their required UM age is only 11) your child will not be met at their gate by a High Cascade staff member upon their arrival to PDX.  However,  if you request UM status for your 13-year-old child when purchasing your child’s airline ticket (and note it on his or her travel itinerary form) he or she will then be met by a High Cascade staff member at their gate.

Purchasing Tickets

Please look further into the airline of your choice as you get ready to purchase your ticket. Before purchasing your ticket, please be sure to visit the airline’s respective website for up-to-date unaccompanied minor information.  You may find that if your child requires an UM ticket, you may not be able to purchase your ticket via the internet.  Because each airline has different policies on booking UMs flights with layovers, last legs of the day, etc, booking on the internet may not be the best route.

For more airline specific in-depth unaccompanied minor information, please click on the airline.

Airline     UM Age Requirement
Air Canada     11 and under
Alaska/Horizon Airlines     12 and under
American Airlines     11 and under
Delta Airlines     14 and under
Frontier Airlines     14 and under
Hawaiian     11 and under
JetBlue Airways     14 and under
Sea Port     14 and under
Southwest Airlines     11 and under
Spirit Airlines     14 and under
United     11 and under
US Airways     14 and under
Virgin America     14 and under


Please be sure to pay for your unaccompanied minor fees for both legs of your child’s trip.  In a lot of cases, airlines do not make this easy for you; making it easy to overlook paying for your returning UM Fee.  Please send your child with receipt of payment if at all possible to avoid double charges. If you are unable to pay the fee prior to your child’s camp, please arrange for your child to pay cash for his or her UM fee when they check-in at the airline counter on their departure day.  If this has not been arranged, we will cover any applicable fees the airline requires in order to obtain a boarding pass for your child.  Your credit card on file will be used to reimburse any fees covered by High Cascade.

HCSC staff members are at the Portland International Airport (PDX) from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on departure days.  Campers will be shuttled to the airport by our trained High Cascade staff approximately three hours prior to their departure time (it takes one hour to get to the airport and we allow for extra time in order to pick up campers at multiple camp Chalets and The Lodge). Upon arrival at PDX, campers will be met by High Cascade staff to assist with luggage and airline check-in procedures. Unaccompanied minors will be escorted to their gate by a High Cascade staff member.

Please note: Once checked in at the desk, campers NOT flying as unaccompanied minors will not be accompanied to their gate. or supervised while waiting to board.

Baggage Fees

All airlines have different baggage policies.  If you would like to bring your snowboard to camp, you may find that certain airlines will charge extra due to the size and or weight of a board bag.  We have FREE 2018 snowboard, boot and binding demos for campers, so you may want to consider leaving your gear at home to cut luggage costs.  For those bringing their own gear, generally speaking, the best way to fit everything you need would be to put your snowboard, boots, helmet, outerwear, skateboard and sleeping bag or blanket in a board bag, and then pack your remaining items in your suitcase and carry-on bag.  You may find that you can carry on your skateboard.  Be sure to shift things around so that neither your board bag or suitcase will exceed the weight capacity (if you would like to avoid extra fees).

Van / Bus Travel at Camp

All campers being transported inside of Camp vehicles are expected to follow general safety rules along with any additional vehicle specific rules.  These include but are not limited to the proper usage of all safety equipment (ie. seat belts), keeping all limbs inside the vehicle at all times, keeping all pathways clear and unobstructed by bags or equipment, no distracting the driver from focusing on the road, and no noisy or disorderly behavior.

In the Event of Last Minute Changes or Emergencies

If for some reason a flight is delayed, cancelled, or if you miss your scheduled departure flight to Camp please contact the HCSC office (503.206.8520) as soon as possible with the updated arrival information including the new time of landing and flight number, if applicable.  If there are any changes to your child’s return flight information prior to take-off we will be contacting you directly with any updated information.

Arriving and / or Departing by Car

Please arrive on campus between 12:00 PM and 4:00 pm on the first day of your camp session.  Campers departing by car must be picked up between 8:00 am and 12:00 pm (between 9:00 am-11:00 am is ideal). There is no snowboarding on the arrival or departure days. On the arrival day there is check-in, camp tours, welcoming barbecue and camper orientation.

Driving Directions

High Cascade Snowboard Camp / Windells Camp ( All youth Campers)

Please use Google Maps or any other form of space-age navigation to get specific instructions from where you’ll be driving from.  The drop off/pick up address is :

High Cascade Snowboard Camp(shows up as Windells Camp on apple maps)

59550 E HWY 26

Sandy, OR 97055

Adult Camp Drop Off:

Please use Google Maps or any other form of space-age navigation to get specific instructions from where you’ll be driving from.  The drop off/pick up address is :

High Cascade Adult Snowboard Camp

30544 E Olive St.

Government Camp, OR 97028



Pre-Authorized Spending Accounts

A store spending account at The High Cascade Camp Store™ may be set up in your online myHCSC account prior to your arrival. This spending account cuts down on the need to carry large amounts of cash at camp. You may set an authorized maximum dollar amount to be charged to your credit/debit card at each store, and your card will only be charged if your child purchases something.

The High Cascade Camp Store™ carries custom High Cascade t-shirts, sweatshirts, backpacks, spring gloves, hats, beanies, stickers and more. (The Camp Store™ does not sell food or drinks)

The Staff Sale™

Each session High Cascade’s staff and visiting pros sell their new and used gear at the legendary Staff Sale™. The Staff Sale is like a snowboard flea market deals on new and used boards, boots bindings, goggles, clothes and accessories can all be found at this once-a-session event. Since this is a flea market setting with individuals selling their personal items, only cash is accepted, and all sales are final. In addition, the gear does not come with any warranties. Amounts of cash ‘needed’ for the camp sale ranges anywhere from $0-$400 depending on what your child may be shopping for.

Cash Accounts

If you find that your child needs cash while at camp you can set up a cash account by calling the office. Your credit/debit card on file will be charged the amount you wish to give your camper, plus a 5% transaction fee. You may set daily limits; for example you can authorize $20 cash a day and/or you can authorize a certain amount of cash to be given to your child specifically on the day of the Staff Sale™.

Personal Debit/Credit Cards

If campers have their own card they will be able to use it at The Camp Store or at the local general store in the village (where they can buy snacks and drinks). The local general store has an ATM machine for cash withdrawals on debit cards. If you trust your child’s spending this is the best method for being equipped for any and all potential purchases at camp.



2017 Summer Camp Guides

Please download the linked file and read over the following information in order to familiarize yourself with High Cascade’s day-to-day summer operations.  We aim to exceed all expectations you have of what a summer camp experience should be!  If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us before, during, or after your camp experience.

2017 Youth HCSC @Windells Camp Guide
Download the 2017 HCSC @ Windells Camp Guide



Your Finishing Forms are located in your MyHCSC account!

Please Print off, Fill out, & UPLOAD back into your online account by May 15 (for any of our Summer Camps) and Dec 1 for our Winter Camps.

All of these forms are MANDATORY in order for you to come to camp! We need this information for your safety, so we can make sure you get in a great coaching group, cabin with your friends and to make sure you have THE MOST FUN while you are here!

Questions? Contact the HCSC Office at 503.206.8520 or email us at

Sign into your MyHCSC Account here

*Don’t have access to a scanner? You can take a clear picture of each form and upload that instead! Super easy!


Already registered?

Log into your myHCSC online account

Here is where you can upload your Travel Itinerary, Pay off your balance, put money in your Camp Store Account and fill out your Snowboard Ability!

Log in and start packing your bags for the Best Snowboard Camp in the world!


Windells Academy Campus – Welches, OR

Located a short ride from our Government Camp housing options, Windells Academy Campus in Welches, Oregon is tucked away snugly  at the base of Mount Hood. Cabins at the Windells Campus are furnished and renovated, each sleeping 8-12 campers, and feature hardwood floors in common areas, plush carpeting in the bedrooms, TVs, and surround sound (for getting the juices flowing first thing in the morning). Each cabin on the Windells campus overlooks the courtyard, with tons of skate-able and ride-able features, slack lines, tether ball, fire pits, trampolines, and so much more.

Live-in Counselors

Responsible adult counselors live/stay in our Windells Academy Campus Cabins. Can’t remember when dinner is? Don’t know what time dodgeball starts? Who are the Signature Session™ pros? They know the answer to everything (yes, everything). Your counselor is like your Mom/Dad/big brother/big sister/friend/mentor during your time at camp. Hand picked, and screened from hundreds of applicants, our counseling staff is the best in the business. Certified in First Aid and CPR, criminal background checked and drug tested. The chosen few who become High Cascade Snowboard Camp Counselors are an impressive bunch and we choose them because we know you’ll find them to be pretty darn like-able and helpful as well.


A Day in the Life of a Camper

Want to know what to expect?

8:00 Wake-Up

Your Counselor will wake you up. (Note: Day 1 you won’t even be able to sleep you’ll be so excited – by Day 6, your counselor will need a squirt gun to get you moving.)

8:15 Breakfast

Head over to the Cafe with your buddies and charge up for the day with all your breakfast favorites from bacon and eggs to cereals and fruit.

9:00 Group up with your Coach & Grab a Lift Ticket

Time to put on the sunscreen, stretch out, make sure your equipment is ready and plan out the day.

9:45 Hop on the Lifts

Commence Summer Snowboarding.

9:45 – 12:00 Shred

Ride our private Parks and Pipes with your coach or take laps on the lift with your group.

12:00 Break for Lunch

Post up and eat next to the Super Kicker for some lunchtime entertainment.

12:30 – 3:00 Shred

Join our Signature Session™ Pros for a clinic. Meet up with a different High Cascade coach for a clinic. Hike the Superpipe, hit some jumps, slide some rails… whatever you’re feeling.

1:30 – 3:30 Grab a High Cascade Shuttle

Getting tired is OK. Know your limits and head down with a High Cascade Staff member to the shuttle zone when your legs can’t take it. Shuttles leave every 20 minutes.

4:00 Meet up at the for Afternoon Activities

If you still have tons of energy, skate, play dodgeball, bounce on the tramps, etc. If you’re running low, head over to video analysis or arts and crafts.

5:30 – 7:00 Dinner

The K-Unit™ prepares a big home cooked meal every night to refuel those batteries.

7:00 Meet back up for Evening Activities

Play some soccer, take a Yoga Class, Skate the ramps, bounce on the trampolines, Mtn. Bike, etc. The options are almost endless…

9:30 Curfew Time

Nobody’s allowed out after dark. You have heard the legend of the Manimal. Haven’t you?

9:30 – 11:00 Kick it at home with your Counselors and Roommates

Hang out in your Cabin and watch snowboard movies with your crew.

11:00 Lights Out.

The fun starts again in 9 hours. Now rest up.


The High Cascade Chalets are located in the quaint little village of Government Camp. Below is a list of lodging options for those interested in the ‘Everything But Accommodations’ or ‘Coaching Only’ packages.  The following lodging options are in the village of Government Camp, and are Authorized Awesome™ by High Cascade for Adult Camp.   Any of these options will put you within walking distance of the rest of camp (listed in order of proximity to camp facilities). If you are would like to stay in an accommodation not listed below, please email or call us to discuss logistics before making reservations.

The Lodge at Government Camp

If you’re looking to stay right smack in the middle of Government Camp, the newly constructed luxury condos at The Lodge at Government Camp is your best option. Staying at The Lodge puts you in the heart of Government Camp, right on the main loop drive.  Guests can enjoy swimming pool and hot tub privileges at the Timberline Lodge, 10 miles away, slopeside the ski area.  The Lodge is approximately $199-$325/night. (Fees vary during seasons, days of the week and number of guests.) Ask about the Special Discount for High Cascade families.

The Huckleberry Inn

The Huckleberry Inn is also right smack in the middle of the Village of Government Camp. The Huckleberry Inn is a great hotel style option for families and groups (many rooms are bunk-style hotel rooms). Enjoy The Huckleberry’s 24-hour diner and a basic place to put your body to rest. Approximately $85-$155/night. (Fees may vary during seasons, days of the week and number of guests.)

Collins Lake Resort

Collins Lake Resort is another great spot to be and is less than a 5 minute walk to meet up with the rest of adult campers.  It has an outdoor heated pool and hot tub and would be great for small groups.  These deluxe multi-level condos have full kitchens, garages, laundry facilities and much more.  Condos ranges from approximately $199-$389/night and during your time at HCSC they generously offer a 10% discount (Fees vary during seasons, days of the week and number of guests.)

Thunderhead Lodge

Staying at the Thunderhead Lodge puts you just outside of the village of Government Camp. Thunderhead is across the street from the Grand Lodges.  These older, more affordable condos are approximately a 6-8 minute walk from the main loop in Government Camp.  Pool on site (heated with geothermal energy) Approximately $85-$155/night. (Fees vary during seasons, days of the week and number of guests.)


The Mt. Hood Inn is about a 8-10 minute walk from the main Government Camp loop. Approximately $159-$179/night. (Fees may vary during seasons, days of the week and number of guests.)